ERP – Manufacturing Management Tool

ERP is based on a Cloud service combined with a mobile application for administration and management of the company's production processes.

Selecting an ERP system is a major decision that will impact your business for your future. You need an ERP partner who will constantly adapt as the world – and your competitive landscape – changes.

dotBusiness ERP Manufacturing enables you:

  • WORK ORDERS for production,
  • RECEIPT OF REPROMATERIAL (in combination with ERP purchase)
  • BUYERS ORDERS (in combination with planner and organizer),
  • LINKS WITH PROJECTS (in combination with projects),
  • TECHNOLOGICAL SHEETS (bill of materials and work technology),
  • INVOICING (in combination with ERP ,SALES),
  • OFFERS (in combination with ERP SALES),
  • CUSTOMER RELATIONS (in combination with CRM)
  • ADVANCE ACCOUNTS (in combination with ERP SALES),
  • BOOKINGS FOR THE BUYER (in combination with the planner and the organizer),
  • ARCHIVE AND RECORDS OF ISSUED DOCUMENTS (in combination with the mail book).
The web interface can be complemented by a mobile application for measuring individu,al stages of production.

Why dotBusiness ERP:

Flexible ERP

ERP is available in multiple deployment options, including Cloud, On Premise and Hybrid ERP, which is a combination of the two.

ERP has apps for your
most critical functions

apps break ERP down into manageable components, giving users just the functions and data they need, when they need it, on the devices that make the most sense.

ERP makes
& upgrades easy

Your business is unique, and you need an ERP system that adapts to your way of doing things, not the other way around.

easy to use

ERP has a simple, modern UI, which is updated and improved continuously. An easy-to-learn UI encourages users to keep data updated and puts your ERP system at the center of your company's communications.


You need such ERP system when you want to process the administrative needs in the production process as the production requires mastery of raw materials, services, procedures and required certificates. In order to be able to do this, you need to have a comprehensive tool available at any time and on any device.

Our ERP system can be used in a combination with the planning and organization module.

The issue of raw materials can be automated from the production work order and the finished products can be taken over to the warehouse of finished products.

Invoicing of finished products is supported by processes and can be automated.

Sending e-Invoices with the ERP sales module is also supported.

For the release of finished products, signing in e-form is also supported on phones using a mobile application.

The archive of issued documents can be executed and connected to the DMS system.

Monitoring of the volume of issuance of goods and services is carried out through appropriate inspections and reports.
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The final product can be equipped with a bill of materials and the appropriate technology of work in the so-called technological sheet. This allows us to determine the parameters of logistics and work procedures for each step separately.


Each specific manufacturing process can be measured by the time parameters, the number of pieces produced and the number of pieces cut out.


ERP procurement can work and provide higher functionality with the following modules:

Time registration (job record)

to obtain current human resources
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Digital records and controlling -

for measuring individual tasks and feedback on customer satisfaction
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Projects (project management)

to link a task or event to a project
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ERP sales

for export / import of goods or services orders into documents (work order, delivery note, invoice, cash register, advance invoice, offer)
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CRM (customer relations)

to connect meetings and agreements, and marketing activities
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DMS (Document System Therefore)

to display related documents from the document system
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