Mail Book Organizer

An easy way to capture, record and manage all received and sent documents.
A simple and fast user interface ready for eBusiness.

Recommended for any company or institution that wants to edit and manage all received and sent documents in paper and e-form.

Why to use it

E-commerce further increases a company’s productivity, facilitates information searches, which ensures lower operating costs and higher RVC operations.
In conjunction with the Therefore DMS system, we can automate the process of data capture as well as document signing and archiving.

Where to use it

The system is suitable for any company or institution that wants to edit received and sent documents. It enables complete electronic business.

The system allows you to keep records of all your received and sent documents. The process of receiving and sending documents can be performed in e-form or on paper. A special feature of the system is the automatic capture of metadata based on eInvoice and in conjunction with the DMS system Therefore.

The mail module includes the following documents:
documents received (invoices, orders, contracts, tax and court documents, letters…)
documents sent (invoices, orders, contracts, tax documents, letters…)
production of UPN packages for payments
account payment management
reminders and alarms
automatic metadata capture with e-invoice
triggering the document validation process (with DMS module and Therefore system)
interconnection of documents
mail review

Link between documents

A single document can be linked to multiple documents with other modules (events, delivery notes, invoices, work orders…).

With the help of the DMS module, each document (received invoice, received orders, contracts…) can also be physically retrieved from the document system for inspection.


With the help of an additional module, the process of document validation can be automatically triggered and controlled.

Advantages of dotBusiness Mail Book Organizer

Constant review of received documents
constant review of sent documents
production of UPN orders and packages
payment management
automatic capture of meta data with e-invoice
statistical overview of receipts and dispatches
E-commerce in conjunction with the DMS system Therefore
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